Individual Therapy

Therapy is a compassionate process of creating deep insight; self-awareness into your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors; promoting understanding; and facilitating reflection that can lead to enhanced strength and resilience.

What to Expect—We Start Where You Are

You may be tired of trying to figure things out on your own. Maybe what you've done before doesn't seem to work anymore or you're at a stuck point and don't know how to move forward. We start where you are, whether your behavioral health needs are for preventive, maintenance, or restorative reasons.

Therapy is more than just about talking things out. It's also about learning positive strategies to help facilitate coping, enhance the ability to work through life's struggles and challenges, and build resilience.

As my client, you will be supported, but also challenged in order to facilitate deep insight and self-awareness into your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. You will be in the driver's seat for this journey. I am merely your guide to help you reach your destination more effectively.

As a therapist, I am supportive, compassionate, and nonjudgmental with a proactive and preventive health care focus. Because therapy is an investment of your time, effort, and money, my approach requires you to be a collaborator with me on your journey to improve your own health and well-being. I will provide a safe space for you to talk where I will mostly listen and ask questions to get you to think more about things and to help you learn more about yourself.

Initially, there will be forms to fill out before the first session, which will address the logistics of therapy services and provide me with a working knowledge of your background and what brought you to therapy. The forms will include service consent forms, screening and intake questionnaires, and a payment consent form. You will be able to access these forms through the client portal once I create an account for you to log in to. Messaging and video sessions will be done through the portal.

The first session will be about gathering a comprehensive psychological, social, and medical history through an assessment to get a fuller understanding of who you are and will be an opportunity for you to elaborate on your reasons for seeking therapy. This information will be used for us to create a treatment plan and goals together. After that, each follow-up session is spent working towards achieving agreed upon treatment goals. Therapy "homework" assignments may be given to be completed between sessions to reinforce learning and skills being taught.

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Some anxiety can be normal, but when it feels overwhelming and distressing, it just seems to take over and keeps you from living the life that you want. I have struggled with anxiety myself and can help you to gain a sense of control over your symptoms and be able to manage your fears to help you feel better and live better. I can help you learn to recognize how your thoughts lead to anxious feelings and behavior, as well as provide techniques to elicit the relaxation response to help you get through anxious situations on your own.  


Financial Wellness

Research shows that most financial decisions, about 90% of them, are made emotionally. As a Certified Financial Social Worker, I can help you understand the emotional relationship you have with money, how you think about and understand it, and how this has affected your economic decision-making, financial management, and ability to achieve financial wellness. Your relationship with money can become healthier once you become aware of the self-defeating thoughts that hold you back from accomplishing your financial goals. 


Integrative Health

Considering how to manage whole health is essential to living a healthy lifestyle. I formerly worked in a primary health care setting that recognized how interlinked the mind and body were to each other. Therapy provides an avenue to address lifestyle management issues to facilitate whole health and can be preventive focused for individuals who want to be physically healthy and be able to reduce or prevent mental illness and achieve high mental health. I can help facilitate a plan for you to get on track or stay on track with your health goals.


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