Mental Health Media Consulting

Combating Stigmatizing Portrayals of Mental Health in the Media

It is imperative to promote the importance of mental health and to increase the public awareness and understanding of mental health. Social and cultural stigma have long been associated with mental health and the media has played an influential role in perpetuating harmful stereotypes and images of mental illness/mental distress and the way it's treated. Because of stigma, people don't seek help when they need it and people don't seek preventive care to keep potential issues at bay. 

As an expert in behavioral health, I'm available to provide content consulting services to film, television, and other media projects to ensure more accurate and realistic portrayals of the experiences of individuals coping with mental health issues. Moreover, I have a background in independent film and graduated from USC film school. Responsible portrayals and positive representations in the media will help combat mental health stigma and facilitate the promotion of emotional self-care and well-being. 

Mental health is not dichotomous. No one is ever at 100% mental health. We're at different percentages all the time. Mental health isn't just black and white, it also comes in shades of grey. 

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